Monday, July 26, 2004

a few mysteries

Sock by the incredibly talented Penn Jillette magician comedian and now presenting us with a stunning contribution to the "rogue cop" subgenre but dotted with thousands of little twitches of the bad bad sock monkey. I know you think he can't carry this off but believe me Jillette is a brilliant guy who may be writing postmodern genre fiction or genred postmodernism or more likely just messing with our heads as a magician loves to do. There's nothing out there even sort of like it. Also a wonderful tribute to rock and roll. I can imagine him hawking his books at magic shows. At last in paperback John Burdett's sweltering Thai Buddhist
Bancgock 8, a masterfully written Exotic, told through the eyes of a Franco-Thai Bangcok cop who fears for the condition of his soul for the dreadful things he must do as a policeman. In the grizley openning vignette is beloved partner and soul mate is killed in the line of duty. He needs to find out why he died. That's all the push Burdett's plot needs to have you bouncing back and forth in the pinball game that is Bangkok, Thailand. There is one grizzly scene at the beginning but there is little more slaughter than that.


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