Friday, August 27, 2004


Warner has put Ross Thomas back in print and not nearly fast enough for me. He was an artist of Embassy Row and he wrote a whole bunch--please correct my imprecision--of funny sophisticated novels about a world we never knew existed. Missionary Stew is a particularly amusing caper. LeCarre without all that damned brooding. They are in trade paperback size and probabably cost 12.95. Hell, check out your used book stores where you can probsbly pick them up for a song. What song you ask me? That's why you must beware of over extending metaphors. Chinaman's Chance is is being reissued this winter. Book buyers can keep these wonderful original novels in print with their mouths or their billfolds. It was tough all those years with none of his stuff in print. He died in his sixties on an airplane eating airplane food and probably drunk on airplane vodka. Like an incident from one of his books. That's how rumors get started I guess.

Mister Nouse


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