Monday, August 02, 2004


31. Eusa sed, Is this a dream? The Littl man sed, No. Eusa sed, Wuz the uther a dream then? Wen I had a wyf & childer? The Little man sed, No eusa that wuzn no dream nor this ain no dream. Its aul 1 thing nor you cant wayk up owt uv it. Eusa said, I can dy owt uv it tho cant I. The Littl Man sed, Eusa yu dy owt uv this plays & yul jus fyn me in a nuther plays. Yul fin me in the wud yul fyn me on the water lyk yu foun me in the stoan. Yu luk enne wayr & Iwl be thayr.
Russell Hoban, Riddley Walker, 1980.

Mister Nouse


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