Saturday, August 14, 2004

Julie Hecht

Julie Hecht is the queen of the unreliable narrator. The voice of her novels and stories must clearly be the voice of the neurotic vegetarian Julie Hecht herself. How can she be willing to make so many jokes at her own expense. Her novel the Unprofessionals is a confession held over herb tea with an oldest equally neurotic pal who's been everywhere with you. Laughing and crying I always end up with Hecht. I've heard she's a mess and hard to work with and wonder if this must also be true of me who has fallen so deeply under her magic.

"Because upon entering the supermarket's cigarette-butt-filled doorway, past overflowing square cement and trash containers, there was a confrontation with the sweepings of gigantic brooms from each aisle, all collected together in front of the entranceway, where the department of bloomed-out and dying flowers had been installed. Dust, dirt, plastic wrappers, soda cans, cellophane and an everlasting plastic bag on the floor--that was the nighttime greeting."

both Penn Jillette in Sock and Julie Hecht in The Unprofessionals use Jolly Rancher candy to make substantive points. Ununusual but hardly miraculous


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