Saturday, August 14, 2004


When Jorge Luis Borges visited the Univerisity of Iowa in 1968 he was asked who he thought was the greatest novelist. "Why Robert Louis Stevenson, of course." he said. They do share a middle name. Try to read the first chapter of Kidnapped without pushing ahead on the tide of Stevenson's masterful story. I read this book once as a child and found it unlike Treasure Island too hard for me. I've read it twice as an adult each time with greater excitement. It's not that the young Mister Nouse didn't understand the basic notion of Kidnapped, but that he didn't have the attention span to maintain enough of Stevenson's creation in his head at once to let it work it's magic.
Has anyone out there read Valerie Martin's Mary Reilly, the first person story of Dr. Jeckyll's Irish serving woman. Terrible Julia Roberts movie. Very good novel.


At August 20, 2004 at 8:13 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Hello, Paul. Yes, I read Martin's Mary Reilly several years ago. I read Kidnapped to my kids. I was surprised at how hard it was -- how much history, etc you needed to know. So much to explain, so much to look up. But I loved it. KJ Fowler


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