Saturday, September 11, 2004


Art Spiegelman stopped by the store to sign his new 9 11 book. He seemed a wise and gentle soul, less crazy than Crumb appeared in the film. The book, I think, is quite good. Ed Carey hated it although I wasn't able to determine why. He did love the talk he gave at Iowa Memorial Union as did everyone who was there. He spoke of the republicans as reptiles and longed for at least a mammal in the Oval Office. I gave him a copy of Sock and the Ian MacEwan novel he'd chosen for himself. Coming this week will be two Donald Justice events and no one seems to know just how they'll work. As long as people are reading his poetry things will surely go well. I'm have trouble reading lately. Words don't seem to make sentences the way I like them to. The Normals came in and I'm finding it harder to sell than I thought I would. Bitch Bitch Bitch


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