Saturday, September 18, 2004

Gilbert Roth Doerr

David Gilbert, Philip Roth, and Anthony Doerr all plopped remarkable novels onto the bookstore shelves this week. David Gilbert unleashes his prodigious talent with The Normals, which may be the ultimate slacker novel. Pharmaceuticals tested on the most normal Americans. Easily a laugh a page. The Normals puts Gilbert in a class with Delillo and George Saunders as prime post-modern satirists. Doerr, from Idaho, has written a whimsical affair in About Grace, a novel which is constantly surprising the reader with its comic and melancholy turns. It reminds you of nothing but a Pulitzer Prize Winner. Roth's, The Plot Against America posits FDR losing to Charles Lindbergh in 1940, tossing America into anti-semitism and freeing Hitler to have Europe to himself. A very complicated novel but timely and funny and wise if a little long. All three are worth having in hardbound. Any of them might win a major award. Luther Moss has read none of these books.

Mister Nouse


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