Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Glory Be! The marvelous Lydia Millet, author of the stunning My Happy Life, a virtually indescribable tragic romp, has come up with something new and even more transagressive from Soft Skull called Everyone's Pretty, a sort of Lost Weekend that doesn't preach and dances about the page like Larry Flynt on speed. I'm not done with it yet and will give a better sense of it when I have one. Millet is one of those best kept secret style writers who may or may not "break out" as they say. She's probably too strange and of course she has the strike two and a half called Canadian citizenship, which hardly ever seems to do any writer any good. She is also the author of George Bush, Dark Prince of Love, about Bush I and his obsessed stalker.
My Happy Life strikes some as very funny and others as heartbreaking. It's out of print so you'll have to find it to read it, but you may end up damned to eternal dullness if you die without having licked its pages clean. It contains some of the great passages on linoleum in modern lit.

Mister Nouse


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