Saturday, October 16, 2004

rick demarinis

Rick Demarinis is heir to Mark Twain, Ring Lardner, and Charles Portis. He writes deadpan fiction. His characters are often not dependable observers of the tales they tell and when they are funny they often don't know they're funny. His new collection of linked stories, Apocalypse, Then follows an American couple, typically unable to find a place to settle down, frought with American suffering occasionally introspective but never certain whether introspection is a good idea. Dan Simon's Seven Stories Press is bringing back his novel The Year of the Zinc Penny about a teenager and his mother who likes her men trying to survive in 1943, a big WWII year.
I've never read Demarinis's work without laughing on every page and without feeling he has bestowed some new piece of secret knowledge on me that I hadn't known before. He is one of our secret spots of literary truth and needs to be read and reread.

Mister Nouse


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