Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hedwig and Berti

This novel from St. Martins set in 1940s London and involving a refugee couple; Hedwig and Dagobert, havin left Germany only when things got ridiculously bad for Jews. They seem to have survived on the bnasis of Hedwig's massive braids of white hair. The author is Frieda Arkin who is 86(!) and a simply astounding writer as though writers just got better as they got older. I don't want to tell you about it because there is such a pleasue about allowing this book to unfold like a flower for you. Who is she like? Nobody. Malamud maybe but he wrote stories best and Hedwig and Berti is a nice-sized novel. For decades this lady been writing cookbooks. COOKBOOKS! Maybe she has other treasures stored somewhere. It will be out very soon. Worth buying in Hardback.

mister nouse


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