Sunday, July 03, 2005


Scottish crime novelist, Denise Mina, author of the Creasey Award winning Garnethill Trilogy, has published the first of a new series of novels with Field of Blood, introducing the very young Paddy Meehan(a she) working as a copy girl for the Glasgow newspaper. She is Catholic and working class in a way which offers young women of intelligence and talent little to entice them into a rewarding adulthood. Paddy is very bright but inexperienced in the ways of the world when a child is killed and a relative of her conventional boyfriend shows up in the paper as a suspect. The unpleasant Glaswegian winter sets the tone for this bleak, fascinating, and wry novel of a young woman at the beginning of a career which Mina should be following in her next four novels, set to end in 2008 with Paddy's death. I'll read every one of them. Mina is one of the truly fine writers of crime fiction in the English speaking world. I'm grateful for her.

Mister Nouse


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